<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> <html> <head> <title>Grace Hypnosis</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> <link href="styletest.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> </head> <a name="top"> <div id="container"> <div id="nav"> <a href="index.html">Home</a> | <a href="process.html">The Process</a> | <a href="faq.html">FAQ's</a> | <a href="areas.html">Applications</a> | The Toolbox | <a href="groups.html">Public Workshops</a> | <a href="cert.html">Training</a> | <a href="bio.html">Susan's Bio</a> </div> <img src="images/trans1x1.gif" height=10> <div id="right"> <u><font size=+2><b> Additional Tools in the Hypnosis Toolbox</font></u></b> <p> Hypnosis is very effective and successful stand-alone tool; however, just as a skilled craftsperson has many tools in his/her toolbox, so a skilled hypnotist should have several tools in the hypnosis toolbox. As a hypnotist and life-change coach, I utilize the principles of NLP, EFT, TLT and autogenics in combination with hypnosis in order to assist my clients in creating deep and lasting changes quickly and easily. <p> <u><b>Definitions</b></u> <ol> <li>NLP (neuro-linguistic psychology) offers a set of techniques and strategies that, when applied by a skilled practitioner can modify and reframe thinking patterns. Reframing our thoughts about incidents and situations, both past, present and future, allows us to access more resourceful perspectives. The ability to view events and situations from a variety of different perspectives can evoke quick and effective transformational change/improvement in thoughts, feelings, behaviors and self-beliefs and self-image. </li> <p> <li> EFT (emotional freedom technique), sometimes called the "tapping technique", is a form of acupressure which utilizes a simple tapping routine on specific meridian points of the face, hands and upper body. It is valuable as a stand alone tool or as an adjunct to hypnosis and NLP. When the tapping is combined with the focused concentration on a specific undesirable state or issue by an individual, it becomes a remarkably effective tool, capable of bringing rapid relief from a variety of physical and emotional disorders, including unwanted food, cigarette and substance cravings, anxieties, phobias, habits and even physical discomfort. </li> <p> <li> TLT (time line technique) is used for accessing and clearing the roots of past issues that might be the cause of problems in the present. The storage of old, out-dated and sometimes painful memories can have negative affects throughout our daily lives. By releasing or updating unwanted past memories, we can move forward, attaining our personal and professional goals without being blocked by excess emotional baggage. </li> <p> <li>Autogenic Relaxation Training is a technique that uses a set defined series of phrases and thoughts that are mentally repeated while the subject is in a deep state of relaxation known as the Autogenic State. Autogenics intentionally focuses on different parts of the body and progresses from one formula to another over a course of several minutes. It is similar to biofeedback in that it is a mechanism that allows the conscious mind to reach out to the subconscious control of the autonomic nervous system. But unlike biofeedback, it does not use any external feedback system to signal the practitioner when the desired effect is being achieved. Instead it simply allows the mental processes of the individual to learn from the physiological responses of the body. For a more in-depth explanation of autogenics, please visit my <a href="http://www.autogenics.ca" TARGET="_blank"> AUTOGENICS </a> web site. </ol> <p> Email Susan, <a href="mailto:gracehypnosis@gmail.com">Gracehypnosis@Gmail.com</a> or call 289-815-1722 to make an individual hypnosis appointment or for information on group sessions or certified hypnosis training. <br> <p> <img src="images/trans1x1.gif" width="35"> <font size=2> <a href="index.html">Home</a> | <a href="process.html">The Process</a> | <a href="faq.html">FAQ's</a> | <a href="areas.html">Applications</a> | <a href="groups.html">Public Workshops</a> | <a href="cert.html">Training</a> | <a href="bio.html">Susan's Bio</a> <br> <p align="center"><a href="#top"> Back to top</a></p> </font> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>