Hi Susan,
You know after meeting you I was so blown away with all that you are! I was thinking, if it speaks to you, if you would ever consider do a few videos of yourself and putting it on your site. You are your best PR, honestly it would have helped me pick you faster! Testimonials help as well. I don't know why but they do. Here is my written my testimonial.
"I have been interested in hypnosis for a long time. I have found it useful in my own struggle with my mind. When I decided to learn hypnosis I was overwhelmed by all the schools in Ontario. I was very interested in learning from a teacher that genuinely cared about people instead of someone who just cranked people through their school to make money. My initial reason for choosing Grace Hypnosis was because Susan has several other tools she uses as well and shares in her training. This was important to me as I plan on learning a few other modalities to work with as well as the hypnosis. I feel this is important as she will be able to guide me with my next step. After meeting Susan I knew she was the teacher I needed to get me where I would like to go. She is amazing!"

"Susan, you are such a kind and wonderful teacher! This was by far my best learning experience!!"
Candice, Mississauga

"Susan, many, many thanks for the wonderful class that you taught and for teaching me this wonderful new skill that will take me on a new and fulfilling journey. I am so excited to become a hypnotherapist & I thank you not only for teaching me, but for your encouragement and kindness. You have made a huge difference to my life and my path!"
M. Smith, Grimsby

1:42 PM 15/07/2014 "The course was awesome. Everything was applicable and can be used right away. I feel confident in my knowlege and abilities. Very practicle & hands-on with ample opportunity for practice and personal attention. The atmosphere and Susan's teaching style are very condusive to a great learning experience. Susan's passion for teaching hypnosis is contagious.Thank you for sharing your knowlege with passion and compassion. Your class was thorough, and included lots of real life examples and one-on-one help. ."
Leanne G.

"I am amazed at the amount of material. I was surprised at the amount of self-help we received. It was very professional and yet, very personal. I would recommend this course to everyone who has an interest in hypnosis. The amount of knowledge gained in during the course, coupled with hands-on experience, is rare. Thanks Susan! You are very inspiring! We were lucky to have you"
Linda M, Burlington

"The amount of hands-on practice in Susan's course exceeded my expectations. I believe that the confidence I have aquired with the techniques of hypnosis, is directly connected to this positive, hands-on and relaxed learning atmosphere. Thanks Susan! This course was life-altering"
Amy M, Georgetown

"The course taught me more about myself and helped me to move beyond my own expectation. Watching Susan's techniques, the interactive dialogues and the opportunities to practice were very relevant to me. Finally, a safe way to change behavior. What a gift for us all!"
Sandra E, Mississauga

"Susan is a very experienced teacher who is expert in balancing theory with practice. Her curiosity and passion about hypnosis and learning in general are contageous. I came to her class with high expectations and not only were they met but they were exceeded. The small and informal environment was especially conducive to learning, I even learned a few things about myself!"
Julie, Georgetown

"I greatly and thoroughly enjoyed your class. Having only three students provided me with the opportunity to have questions that were important to me raised and answered. The theoretical, and the practical aspects of the course made me confident that I can deal with the basic issues in a successful and confident manner. Thanks very much for sharing your skills in teaching, and hypnotherapy. Having a teacher who truly cares about how the profession of hypnotherapy is represented and who provides the skills and techniques that a new hypnotherapist needs is greatly appreciated."
John, Oakville

"Susan, the more I talk with you, the more I like your approach. You have that powerful blend of business acumen and creative energy that I have been looking for in an instructor. I like your teaching style very much. When I was a volunteer in your April course, I noticed how you observed and allowed the students to figure things out during the hands-on and yet you were right there to answer their every question and guide them. Thank you again for inviting me to observe your class and be a volunteer subject. It was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to taking your course in the fall. Thank you so much!"
Bill, Toronto

Call (289-815-1722) or email (gracehypnosis@gmail.com) to inquire about the course.
Grace Hypnosis Training School is a Government Accredited Educational Institute. Tax receipts for the full tuition cost will be issued on the first day of training.

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