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Dates and Oakville location TBA</B> <p>&nbsp;<p> HYPNOSIS FUNDAMENTALS <BR> Three days classroom instruction<BR> This is an introductory course, offered to anyone who has an interest in hypnosis. During this fun, interactive three days, individuals will learn the basics of hypnosis and techniques to hypnotise themselves and each other. <BR> FEE: $750 <p>&nbsp;<p> INTERMEDIATE HYPNOSIS CERTIFICATION <BR> Six days classroom instruction <BR> 15 hours home study/case studies <BR> 15 hours practicum <P><P> An open book examination with a pass mark of 85% is required in order to receive Certification. Upon graduating, individuals will have the neccessary skills and meet the requirements to apply for membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). Graduates will be qualified to assist clients with motivational and beneficial life-changes. <BR> <I>pre-requisite - Hypnosis Fundamentals</I> <BR> FEE: $1400 <p>&nbsp;<p> MASTER (ADVANCED) HYPNOSIS CERTIFICATION <BR> Five days classroom instruction<BR> 15 hours home study/case studies <BR> 40 hours practicum<BR> 40 hours required reading<P> In this course, individuals will expand their toolbox to include a variety of age regression techniques for emotional release; design and facilitate 4-session weight-loss programs, including virtual stomach band; design and facilitate a 4-session program for smoking-cessation; basic NLP patterns for rapid change; hypnosis for children. <br> <I>pre-requisite - Intermediate Level </I><BR> FEE: $1250 <p>&nbsp;<p> CLINICAL HYPNOSIS DIPLOMA<BR> Eleven days classroom instruction<BR> 25 hours home study/case studies<BR> 45 hours practicum<BR> 55 hours required reading <P> An open book examination with a pass mark of 85% is required in order to receive the Clinical Hypnosis Diploma <BR> Individuals who successfully complete and graduate from this course will have mastered the skills and will feel confident to work with complex issues. The curriculum includes more advanced techniques for obtaining Somnambulism with every client; suicide ideation; a familiarity of the DSM V; hypnosis & birthing; skilled listening techniques; motivational interviewing techniques; life coaching basics; professional practice & jurisprudence; the complex client; the Eisdale State, and advanced marketing for increased earning potential. <BR> <I>pre-requisite - Master (Advanced) Hypnosis Certification </I><BR> FEE: $2750 <p>&nbsp;<p> Total classroom instruction for all four courses: 25 days <BR/> Total practicum for all four courses: 100 hours<br> Total home study/case studies for all four courses: 55 hours<BR/> Total required reading: 95 hours<BR/> Total fee for all four courses: $6150 <p>&nbsp;<p> Upon successful graduation of all four courses, individuals will have the neccessary skills, and meet the requirements, to apply for membership in the following associations: <P> National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)<BR> ARCH-CANADA at the Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist level (RCH)<BR> General Hypnosis Registry (GHR-UK)<BR> Australian Hypnosis Association (AHA)<BR> International Medical and Dental Association (IMDHA)<BR> Completion of all four courses meets the requirements of the General Hypnosis Standards Council (GHSC) in the United Kingdon<BR> <p>&nbsp;<p> <U>TO REGISTER</U> <BR/> EMAIL: <a href="mailto:gracehypnosis.courses@gmail.com"><b>gracehypnosis@gmail.com</b></a> <br> Please type the words HYPNOSIS COURSE REGISTRATION in the subject line of your email. <BR>Include your full name, date of birth, home address, phone number <BR/> You can also register by phone: 289-815-1722<BR/><BR/> Fee payment schedule:<BR/> Hypnosis Fundamentals: A non-refundable deposit of $250 will be required upon registration. The balance is to be paid IN FULL by check or money order on the first day of the course. <BR/> Intermediate Hypnosis Certification: A non-refundable deposit of $250 will be required upon registration. The balance is to be paid IN FULL by check or money order one week prior to the first day of the course. <BR/> Master (Advanced) Hypnosis Certification & Clinical Hypnosis Diploma: <BR> The fees are to be paid IN FULL by check or money order two weeks prior to the first day of each course. <BR/> <i>GraceHypnosis Training is a Canadian Government Accredited Educational Institute. Tax receipts can be issued for the tuition portion of the course </i> <H4 align="center"> <b> Susan Jennifer Grace, RCHP, CI, MNLP<BR/> </b> </H4> <h5 align="center">Registered Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner (RCHP)</h5> <h5 align="center">Certified Hypnosis Instructor (CI)</h5> <h5 align="center">Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming(MNLP)</h5> <h5 align="center">Autogenics Practitioner & Trainer</h5> <H5 align="center">Phone: (289) 815-1722 &nbsp;<p> Email: <a href="mailto:gracehypnosis.courses@gmail.com">gracehypnosis.courses@gmail.com</a> </H5> </b> &nbsp;<p> <center> <div id="footer"> <font size="3"> <a href="groups.html">Group Hypnosis Sessions</a> | <a href="index.html">Grace Hypnosis Home Page</a> </font> </div> </center> </div> <p align="center"><a href="#top"> Back to top</a></p> </tr> </td> </table> </body> </html>